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Babies, Car Accidents & Happy Holidays! (Rawcast 8)

Happy Holidays everyone! Tonight I sit down with everyone to talk with our one friend who had a baby, discuss why huffing gasoline beats Christmas Ale every time and why car accidents need to involve death. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is awesome, but spending time with your family isn’t always.

Antlers on cars and Christmas photos are lame. Christmas sweater tees are making some people a shitload of cash.

The conversation turns to why I’m afraid of my parents dying and why I cry at old home movies before bouncing back with a little music from The Boss.

As mentioned on the show:

The best Christmas sweater ever. Not some t-shirt.

The best Christmas sweater ever. Not some t-shirt.

Huffing gasoline is an equally good, and less expensive buzz.

A Christmas staple. I do a darn good George Bailey.


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Jon Hamm look-alike. M&A Director of Marketing, golfer & expert amateur storm chaser. Have a cactus named Phil. Say what you want; let the market decide.


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