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2 Girls, No Self Esteem

After a 3-month layoff in which I played some great golf, some shitty golf and traveled to Raleigh and Atlanta, I have decided to start writing bits and pieces here and there. No podcasts for a while, but that may change as I move yet again, due to my promotion to Marketing director at my firm.

Time for a bigger place and a better “studio.” The script for my dark comedy is also coming along. I’ve reached 64 pages, goal of 110, and thought there is no better way to get back into writing pieces on here than sharing a bit of the script.

The following is an excerpt from the synopsis of the script One More (no spoiler alerts).

“SLICK” NICK MARTIN is an investment banker with a drinking problem. He’s also a part of two sets of college roommates who fell in love. While Nick’s relationship with KRISTIN BROWNING has recently come to an end due to his constant drinking, his old roommate is set to marry Kristin’s college roommate in just four short months. With the embarrassment of alcohol abuse hanging over his head, Nick wastes no time scheming with his officemate on the perfect plan to win Kristin back at the wedding.

At any rate, I was thinking the other day about my preoccupation with sex and self esteem, and this scene I wrote came to mind. It’s no secret to my friends and love interests that threesomes in the context of a relationship are not my cup of tea, but I thought this excerpt particularly shows my thoughts on the issue. Nick is on his way to a dinner with members of the wedding party.

(Note: Nick is based on me. Shocker, right?)


You simply can’t compete. And while some people will mock what I say, or think I’m an idiot, that’s fine. They’re my feelings, maaaaaaan.

“Don’t knock it til you’ve tried, it?” It’s ok, I suppose. About as fun as golf. A good story, maybe.

But in the context of a relationship, it’s no different than going to the bullpen for another guy. A guy who smells really good and can give her something you can’t.

A better strategy is to cling tightly to her and smother her until you make her run into the arms of some other guy. Oh, the idiots of the world. When will you learn!

Stay tuned for more excerpts from the script and some more original work. Feeling a little feisty in the summer heat.

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