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Rawcast Best Of: The Plan B Thank-You Card

Still enjoying all the college football bowl games and doing a little partying on New Year’s Eve. However, the Rawcast will be back with a new show on January 9th. (At least that’s the plan.) In the meantime, this is one of my favorite stories to tell – ever. Why I thought getting my high school … Continue reading

Rawcast Best Of: Frank Doesn’t Like Christmas (or Uncle Jerry)

As noted in the previous podcast , the panel and I will be taking some time off until 2014 to enjoy the holidays, fine-tune the Rawcast and maybe even re-vamp the site a bit. One of the things I’ve been hearing from people is that they like the Rawcast, but that the intro to the show … Continue reading

Prayers, Weddings & Boobs (Rawcast 9)

For the last Rawcast of 2013, we welcome a special phone guest… Chris from Columbus. The Rawdog went on an awesome date with an atheist, which sparked thorough discussion of how effective thoughts and prayers are. The conversation moved from religion to how much weddings suck, why gift registries are dumb and why small boobs … Continue reading

An M&A Impostor: Learning the Value of Time

When I started in mergers and acquisitions, I didn’t know as much as I thought I did – about business etiquette, about standing up for myself, shit, even about how to dress. But M&A taught me a lot in a short period of time. I cleaned up nicely. I looked damn good in a suit. … Continue reading

Babies, Car Accidents & Happy Holidays! (Rawcast 8)

Happy Holidays everyone! Tonight I sit down with everyone to talk with our one friend who had a baby, discuss why huffing gasoline beats Christmas Ale every time and why car accidents need to involve death. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is awesome, but spending time with your family isn’t always. Antlers on cars and Christmas … Continue reading

Back to the Future, Huge Cocks & Online Dating (Rawcast 7)

I open by talking about texting and tweeting the show, then we get into the meat and potatoes. Back to the Future is a great movie to make small talk about, a member of the Rawcast has a large penis (it’s not me) and then I talk about my online dating habits. Being yourself is … Continue reading

Twister Outbreak Coverage – 11/17/13 (Rawcast 6)

Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on today’s twister outbreak. Check back for the latest updates. __________ 10 PM UPDATE: Storms have passed. Still windy as all hell outside, but The Compound escaped any significant damage. Share your stories of the outbreak in the comments section. 8 PM UPDATE: Special Twister Outbreak Coverage Rawcast. Main line is through … Continue reading

7 Things Assholes Make Lists About

People love lists. I work in marketing to pay the bills, and any marketer worth his salt knows creating content in list form is a great trick for capturing a reader’s attention. Hey, it’s cool. I did the same thing to get you to click my link. I could’ve picked 3 things, 10 things, 24 … Continue reading

Music, Golden Showers & Being a Cheap Ass (Rawcast 5)

We welcome some new guests this evening, and celebrate 1,000 views of the site. The second panel Rawcast starts with a discussion of growing up, but quickly switches gears into dirty talk on AOL instant messenger, why you should always bathe right after a golden shower, and eventually why I’m a cheap ass. A fun … Continue reading

You’re Not Awkward, You’re Just Immature

I hear it all the time– the term “awkward.” People around my age have embraced the term to describe situations that makes them uncomfortable, and are increasingly using it to describe themselves. It drives me fucking nuts. Guess what. The term “awkward” means to cause difficulty, or be hard to deal with. Is that how … Continue reading

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