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Rawcast 14: D-Dawg Special, Pizza Delivery & Prop Betting

Rawcast is back with a new format. We talk with D-Dawg Daryl (@ddawg13), discussing and enjoying a hot Jet’s pizza, his endeavors in pizza delivery and Lyfting, and his prop bets with Mildew.

Would You Rather, 8 Simple Rules & #SexDeath (Rawcast 12)

After being serious for the last couple podcasts… the gang goes off the deep (balls deep) end. Featuring @KoDo326, @DrewZubin3, @ChrisBarcik, @SpiralSeawind @brididdy @brutalstephanie. The night starts with a little “Would You Rather”… BJs for mom and dad. Rawdog gets slapped around. Oral sex or cheese? Shoutout to the ATL, crying during sex is no … Continue reading

Stress, Bullying & Gun Control (Rawcast 11)

Cocked, locked and ready to rock, the All-Star panel of @KoDo326, @DrewZubin3, @ChrisBarcik, @SpiralSeawind, @NotMildew10 and Waz Man talk about what stresses them out and how to deal with it. The discussion turns to Bronies, bullying and prescription medications. The government controls the weather, guns don’t kill people (I do) and Father Jeff swears off the … Continue reading

Singularity, Armageddon & Drilling Deep (Rawcast 10)

For the first podcast of the year we welcome @BriDiddy to the studio and talk about the end of the world. Special guest Kate from New York City calls in to talk about dating and how we may all die out from lack of sex. The conversation turns to how humanity will end, but not … Continue reading

Rawcast Best Of: Lake Effect Snow Explained for Morons

The Rawcast will be back with a new show coming January 9th. In the meantime, this frigid weather and recent snow reminded me of the big lake effect snow back in October. Man, that really pissed me off. If you can’t understand weather… how are you able to read this?

Rawcast Best Of: The Plan B Thank-You Card

Still enjoying all the college football bowl games and doing a little partying on New Year’s Eve. However, the Rawcast will be back with a new show on January 9th. (At least that’s the plan.) In the meantime, this is one of my favorite stories to tell – ever. Why I thought getting my high school … Continue reading

Rawcast Best Of: Frank Doesn’t Like Christmas (or Uncle Jerry)

As noted in the previous podcast , the panel and I will be taking some time off until 2014 to enjoy the holidays, fine-tune the Rawcast and maybe even re-vamp the site a bit. One of the things I’ve been hearing from people is that they like the Rawcast, but that the intro to the show … Continue reading

Prayers, Weddings & Boobs (Rawcast 9)

For the last Rawcast of 2013, we welcome a special phone guest… Chris from Columbus. The Rawdog went on an awesome date with an atheist, which sparked thorough discussion of how effective thoughts and prayers are. The conversation moved from religion to how much weddings suck, why gift registries are dumb and why small boobs … Continue reading

Babies, Car Accidents & Happy Holidays! (Rawcast 8)

Happy Holidays everyone! Tonight I sit down with everyone to talk with our one friend who had a baby, discuss why huffing gasoline beats Christmas Ale every time and why car accidents need to involve death. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is awesome, but spending time with your family isn’t always. Antlers on cars and Christmas … Continue reading

Back to the Future, Huge Cocks & Online Dating (Rawcast 7)

I open by talking about texting and tweeting the show, then we get into the meat and potatoes. Back to the Future is a great movie to make small talk about, a member of the Rawcast has a large penis (it’s not me) and then I talk about my online dating habits. Being yourself is … Continue reading

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