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Twister Outbreak Coverage – 11/17/13 (Rawcast 6)

Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on today’s twister outbreak. Check back for the latest updates. __________ 10 PM UPDATE: Storms have passed.┬áStill windy as all hell outside, but The Compound escaped any significant damage. Share your stories of the outbreak in the comments section. 8 PM UPDATE: Special Twister Outbreak Coverage Rawcast.┬áMain line is through … Continue reading

Music, Golden Showers & Being a Cheap Ass (Rawcast 5)

We welcome some new guests this evening, and celebrate 1,000 views of the site. The second panel Rawcast starts with a discussion of growing up, but quickly switches gears into dirty talk on AOL instant messenger, why you should always bathe right after a golden shower, and eventually why I’m a cheap ass. A fun … Continue reading

Honesty, Weather & Leaving Something Behind (Rawcast 4 – solo)

After some beer, a big sushi meal, wine and some more beer, the Rawdog explains why being honest with others means being honest with yourself, why only assholes and idiots don’t understand how weather works and why leaving something behind when we die is kind of a big deal. Below are the original stormchasing videos … Continue reading

Girls, Relationships & Dingleberries (Rawcast 3)

In the first official Rawcast, we have a full panel discussing everything from why I can’t let my exes go to why you have to put up with your partner’s dingleberries.

Hipsters, Yuppies & Vintage Pubes (Rawcast 2)

After a few beers, a discussion about craft beer, whiskey and going retro turns to a reflection on how pubes have gone full circle.

How “Rawdog” Came to Be (Rawcast 1)

So, tonight I decided to bite the bullet and try out the new mic. More on that to come. After a few beers and a successful blind date, the “Rawdog” was able to open up about how his nickname came to be.  

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