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Prayers, Weddings & Boobs (Rawcast 9)

For the last Rawcast of 2013, we welcome a special phone guest… Chris from Columbus. The Rawdog went on an awesome date with an atheist, which sparked thorough discussion of how effective thoughts and prayers are. The conversation moved from religion to how much weddings suck, why gift registries are dumb and why small boobs … Continue reading

Twister Outbreak Coverage – 11/17/13 (Rawcast 6)

Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on today’s twister outbreak. Check back for the latest updates. __________ 10 PM UPDATE: Storms have passed.┬áStill windy as all hell outside, but The Compound escaped any significant damage. Share your stories of the outbreak in the comments section. 8 PM UPDATE: Special Twister Outbreak Coverage Rawcast.┬áMain line is through … Continue reading

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