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Music, Golden Showers & Being a Cheap Ass (Rawcast 5)

We welcome some new guests this evening, and celebrate 1,000 views of the site. The second panel Rawcast starts with a discussion of growing up, but quickly switches gears into dirty talk on AOL instant messenger, why you should always bathe right after a golden shower, and eventually why I’m a cheap ass. A fun … Continue reading

You’re Not Awkward, You’re Just Immature

I hear it all the time– the term “awkward.” People around my age have embraced the term to describe situations that makes them uncomfortable, and are increasingly using it to describe themselves. It drives me fucking nuts. Guess what. The term “awkward” means to cause difficulty, or be hard to deal with. Is that how … Continue reading

Honesty, Weather & Leaving Something Behind (Rawcast 4 – solo)

After some beer, a big sushi meal, wine and some more beer, the Rawdog explains why being honest with others means being honest with yourself, why only assholes and idiots don’t understand how weather works and why leaving something behind when we die is kind of a big deal. Below are the original stormchasing videos … Continue reading

Girls, Relationships & Dingleberries (Rawcast 3)

In the first official Rawcast, we have a full panel discussing everything from why I can’t let my exes go to why you have to put up with your partner’s dingleberries.

Your New Life as Her Ex

You and your best gal just broke up. Shit happens. Oh, it was amicable? Doesn’t matter. What’s that noise? It’s a bell that can’t be un-rung. Forever, and ever and ever, her perception of you will never be the same. It’s not the end of the world, but if you’re careless, you’re going to end … Continue reading

Kevin Spacey and Your Sex Life

There is a particularly poignant scene in American Beauty where the main character, Lester, tries to seduce his somewhat-estranged wife on their couch: Lester: What ever happened to that girl who used to fake seizures at frat parties when she got bored? And who used to run up to the roof of our first apartment building … Continue reading

Traits Your Girlfriends Have Shared

This is not a Buzzfeed-esque list. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Anyhow, it occurred to me the other day while I was driving to pick up some pork lo mein for lunch that every girl I’ve ever seriously dated (3) has had some things in common with the others. Odds are, you will … Continue reading

She’s One of Them

This one, too, is a few months old.  Just cleaning out the lint trap a bit. “The other day I found myself reminiscing about my previous relationship, and my brain settled on one of the more vivid memories I have of it. I distinctly remember the first time we went grocery shopping together. It sticks out because … Continue reading

What Are You In The Mood For?

Oldies but Goodies