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2 Girls, No Self Esteem

After a 3-month layoff in which I played some great golf, some shitty golf and traveled to Raleigh and Atlanta, I have decided to start writing bits and pieces here and there. No podcasts for a while, but that may change as I move yet again, due to my promotion to Marketing director at my … Continue reading

9 Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup

All good things must end (except for my friends’ marriages), but sometimes you can see a breakup coming. It’s as easy as looking for these subtle signs. You’re dating me. Enough said. She found your spitter. Maybe it’s time to quit. You detest her music. It’s like a subliminal breakup message. You kicked her dog. She’ll never forgive … Continue reading

“What Happened to That Guy?”

Way back when I was an intern for my old firm in downtown Cleveland, I’d often drive to West 117th or West 25th and take the rapid to Tower City instead of paying $14 a day to park in the garage attached to the Huntington Building where I worked. There was a guy I’d talk … Continue reading

Would You Rather, 8 Simple Rules & #SexDeath (Rawcast 12)

After being serious for the last couple podcasts… the gang goes off the deep (balls deep) end. Featuring @KoDo326, @DrewZubin3, @ChrisBarcik, @SpiralSeawind @brididdy @brutalstephanie. The night starts with a little “Would You Rather”… BJs for mom and dad. Rawdog gets slapped around. Oral sex or cheese? Shoutout to the ATL, crying during sex is no … Continue reading

Prayers, Weddings & Boobs (Rawcast 9)

For the last Rawcast of 2013, we welcome a special phone guest… Chris from Columbus. The Rawdog went on an awesome date with an atheist, which sparked thorough discussion of how effective thoughts and prayers are. The conversation moved from religion to how much weddings suck, why gift registries are dumb and why small boobs … Continue reading

Babies, Car Accidents & Happy Holidays! (Rawcast 8)

Happy Holidays everyone! Tonight I sit down with everyone to talk with our one friend who had a baby, discuss why huffing gasoline beats Christmas Ale every time and why car accidents need to involve death. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is awesome, but spending time with your family isn’t always. Antlers on cars and Christmas … Continue reading

Back to the Future, Huge Cocks & Online Dating (Rawcast 7)

I open by talking about texting and tweeting the show, then we get into the meat and potatoes. Back to the Future is a great movie to make small talk about, a member of the Rawcast has a large penis (it’s not me) and then I talk about my online dating habits. Being yourself is … Continue reading

7 Things Assholes Make Lists About

People love lists. I work in marketing to pay the bills, and any marketer worth his salt knows creating content in list form is a great trick for capturing a reader’s attention. Hey, it’s cool. I did the same thing to get you to click my link. I could’ve picked 3 things, 10 things, 24 … Continue reading

Music, Golden Showers & Being a Cheap Ass (Rawcast 5)

We welcome some new guests this evening, and celebrate 1,000 views of the site. The second panel Rawcast starts with a discussion of growing up, but quickly switches gears into dirty talk on AOL instant messenger, why you should always bathe right after a golden shower, and eventually why I’m a cheap ass. A fun … Continue reading

Girls, Relationships & Dingleberries (Rawcast 3)

In the first official Rawcast, we have a full panel discussing everything from why I can’t let my exes go to why you have to put up with your partner’s dingleberries.

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