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9 Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup

All good things must end (except for my friends’ marriages), but sometimes you can see a breakup coming. It’s as easy as looking for these subtle signs. You’re dating me. Enough said. She found your spitter. Maybe it’s time to quit. You detest her music. It’s like a subliminal breakup message. You kicked her dog. She’ll never forgive … Continue reading

Now You’re a Man

There is a book by Frank Vincent called A Guy’s Guide to Being a Man’s Man that “shows how any man can be all that he can be in love, work, play and life.” It provides some dare-I-say old school tips on how to dress, cook and pick out a nice cigar. It’s all good … Continue reading

Girls, Relationships & Dingleberries (Rawcast 3)

In the first official Rawcast, we have a full panel discussing everything from why I can’t let my exes go to why you have to put up with your partner’s dingleberries.

What Are You In The Mood For?

Oldies but Goodies