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Twister Outbreak Coverage – 11/17/13 (Rawcast 6)

Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on today’s twister outbreak. Check back for the latest updates.


10 PM UPDATE: Storms have passed. Still windy as all hell outside, but The Compound escaped any significant damage. Share your stories of the outbreak in the comments section.

8 PM UPDATE: Special Twister Outbreak Coverage Rawcast. Main line is through the west side. I speak with a trained spotter in North Ridgeville as he surveys the devastation left behind by the storm; I take a minute to find shelter, then reflect on the Lake Erie Tsunami of 1997.

6:50 PM UPDATE: Outflow boundary through already. An outflow boundary ahead of the main line caused some thunder and lightning along with some light rain, but the main line is still about an hour away. Reports from the west side of Cleveland indicate light damage in the North Ridgeville area. This is according to my spotters.

6:15 PM UPDATE: Squall line is about an hour and a half away. Wanted to share my tips for staying safe when there is the potential for tornadoes.

5:30 PM UPDATE: I move my car to a safer place.

It’s getting really windy ahead of the gust front and I don’t want my new car fucked up.

5 PM UPDATE: The gust front is on its way.

I just crunched the numbers, and it looks like the strongest storms and wind should hit the west side of Cleveland shortly before 8 pm. Remember, stay indoors and seek shelter in the lowest floor of your building, AWAY FROM WINDOWS AND EXTERIOR WALLS.

12 PM: The threat is real. I prep everyone for the crazy weather day that is about to unfold.

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Jon Hamm look-alike. M&A Director of Marketing, golfer & expert amateur storm chaser. Have a cactus named Phil. Say what you want; let the market decide.


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